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Corona Virus impact on my investments nearly cured. What do do now?

The impact of Corona Virus has been almost completely mitigated on my retirement investments. I will tell you a story of where I started and how I got here and where I want to go. I’m 55 years old and I have a neurological condition that might force early retirement. Right now therapy and drugs […]

Step up America:Social Distance

You are only being asked to be lazy Stay home. Work if your job can be done from home. Stay away from other people. Binge-watch Netflix. That is the big ask for Americans. Do what we volunteer to do many weekends. We see in Florida social distance being thrown by the wayside as people flock […]

Will I let my 401K balance lesson my anger at Russian election meddling?

The election of Donald Trump was been very good for my balances in retirement. Overall my retirement assets were up about 35% on January 26, 2018 and as of this writing February 14, 2018 were still up 31% since election day 2016. Yet I voted for Hillary Clinton (unenthusiastically) and feel the case can be […]

Never again is now. We must wait for the evidence and then act or never be forgiven.

In the aftermath of World War I, in which horrific chemical weapons attacks caused many deaths and much suffering, the world said it was enough. The weapons were banned from use in warfare. Saddam Hussein of Iraq used them to devastating effect against his Kurdish rebellion. Though it took nearly 18 years, he finally faced […]

Skin in the game: Advice for the US Administration

My family lives in the Etzion region of Israel. I get up at 4:20 am in Seattle to go running and I often listen to Radio Israel on my smart phone. This morning during my run I heard the phrase that indicates a rocket attack is in progress. My hometown which my wife does not want […]

How Hamas helped with my household chores.

This is tongue and cheek and humorous. It is not meant to make light of the current situation in Gaza. It is not meant to make light of the heinous crime of Hamas shooting at civilians and killing a 25 year old mother of 3 who was 7 months pregnant. click for details . That […]

Reason 4 to re-elect the president: We don’t know which Romney we will get.

The pundits talk about the two Romney’s, the one that belched fire during the Republican primaries or the calm and reasonable guy that showed up to the debates.  The lack of definition in many areas of policy makes it difficult to discern whom we would be voting for. This covers many areas, including but not […]

Reason 3 to re-elect Obama: A realistic plan for the nations finances.

Mitt Romney has said he will not raise taxes, not even a dollar to solve the budget issues this country faces. He insists that we can cut our way out of a trillion dollar per year debt crisis.  Maybe he said this to fire up the Tea party wing of the Republican party. Maybe he […]

Reasons to re-elect: Part 2. The lies.

I frequently say that the way to tell whether a politician is lying is that his mouth is moving and words are coming out. Remember those Joe Isuzu car commercials(hes lying). The Romney campaign has adopted a line of attack that involves telling big lies, repeating them early and often. They are clearly betting on […]

Reasons to vote for Barack Obama: Reason 1: Health care.

While the nation is undergoing a national emergency, I turn back to politics, hopefully once a day between now and the election. Why? Because I planned to and there is nothing I can do about hurricane Sandy and the nuclear fuel rods that may get swamped with flood water during the next few hours. There […]