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How Hamas helped with my household chores.

This is tongue and cheek and humorous. It is not meant to make light of the current situation in Gaza. It is not meant to make light of the heinous crime of Hamas shooting at civilians and killing a 25 year old mother of 3 who was 7 months pregnant. click for details . That and psalms being said for Israel, it was time for me to take a breath.

My family lives in the yishuv of Rosh Tzurim, in Gush Etzion. That is known to the world as the occupied West Bank. To me it is home. On Friday morning, I heard that two missiles fired at Jerusalem, fell short and exploded in the Gush Etzion region. I was at work in Seattle. My wife and daughter were at home. When they heard the sirens they thought it was a drill, not aware that Israel never holds such drills on the Sabbath. When the sirens went off it was during the prayer welcoming the Sabbath. The sirens were taken seriously, and by the time the explosions were heard everyone in synagogue was as far away from the windows as possible.

What is funny about this? Nothing. It is serious business. But it did lead to a humorous aftermath.

Israeli law mandates that every home have a bomb shelter. Most use the room for storage or an extra bedroom. We use it for storage. I have a 60 year old train set in there and my family keeps storing junk in there that they can’t part with. Every time I’m there I rail about the state of this room. “If its junk,” I say, “throw it away.”

After hearing the sirens and explosions, my son took it upon himself to clean out the entire room, throw out junk, neatly put the Lionel train set in a box, and put sleeping futons on the room. I pray every waking moment that the room will never have to be used.

But a long sought goal has been met, and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

Politically, I think it was a mistake for the Obama administration to green light a ground invasion. Prime Minister Netanyahu has authorized the calling up of 75,000 reservists, half of which are already at the front lines. With an election coming up, the last thing the Prime Minister wants to do is have dead soldiers coming home.

That being said, no nation on earth has tolerated missiles being fired at its territory for so long. If the IDF is forced to launch a ground offensive, they should finish the job, depose the coup installed Hamas government and turn the keys over to Abu Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

The West Bank Based PA has done an admiral job policing its own territory, thanks to the intensive training provided to its police forces in Jordan, paid for by the US taxpayer. More police, which in my interaction with them have a professionalism that meets or exceeds that of the Chicago Police can be trained in short order to take over the Gaza strip.

That being said, I hope there is no invasion. I hope for peace and an permanent end to missile fire. I know that most Arabs in the Gaza strip just want to live their lives in peace. Its their government that continues to screw them. It’s their government that wants a right wing government in place in Israel in order to continue to have an excuse to deny their people basic human rights and blame Israel.

Anyway, Dear Hamas thanks for helping me get my bomb shelter cleaned out. Nice job. Now stop shooting so we can leave you alone.



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