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Reason 3 to re-elect Obama: A realistic plan for the nations finances.

Mitt Romney has said he will not raise taxes, not even a dollar to solve the budget issues this country faces. He insists that we can cut our way out of a trillion dollar per year debt crisis.  Maybe he said this to fire up the Tea party wing of the Republican party. Maybe he will flip flop in office. Can we afford to take that risk?

Prominent economists say that cuts alone will not solve the nations fiscal crisis. Entitlement reform is needed. The tax code needs to be reformed and loopholes and tax subsidies eliminated. New revenues are required. Programs will have to be cut.

President Barack Obama seems to get that, though his plans are nearly as vague as Romney’s plans. He has proposed budgets however and compromised with Republicans on the debt ceiling.

Remember the debates in August of 2011 about the debt ceiling. Mitt Romney said he would not raise the debt ceiling. Did he mean it or did he just say it to make the Tea Party wing of the party happy? Which is worse?


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