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Step up America:Social Distance

You are only being asked to be lazy

Stay home. Work if your job can be done from home. Stay away from other people. Binge-watch Netflix.

That is the big ask for Americans. Do what we volunteer to do many weekends.

We see in Florida social distance being thrown by the wayside as people flock to the beach because they can not work.

It can be noted that our nation was unprepared for this crisis. Budgets were cut and preparation was put on hold. People will die because of this and a political reckoning will take place in November of 2020.

In the 1940’s American were asked to risk their lives in war. We stood up and overcame Germany and Japan and saved the world from a clear and present danger.

Now Americans feel put upon because their freedom is being reduced slightly. They knowingly violate common sense and the law be continuing to go to public gatherings. Liberty University. Jewish Prayer groups (minyans) in Lakewood New Jersey have gotten together and the results have been calamitous. Many infections. Death will soon be the outcome of these incredibly dangerous decisions.

Is it too much to ask that you stay home and watch streaming content online? Is that too big a hill to climb? Is it impossible to think about other people, particularly the immune system suppressed that you endanger by violating social distance guidelines?

I have to admit, it is easier for me. I am a loner and live 7000 miles away from my family in Israel for a job that is vital to this virus situation.

I whined and moaned about the first time in 25 years that I’ve been away from my family on Passover.

I am ashamed of my whining now. What it took to wake me up was the infection of my good friend in Los Angeles. I was selfish and did not understand that I was blessed.

I have a job. I am healthy from a virus perspective. I am now thankful.

My message to Americans is this: Quit your bitching and complaining. STAY HOME. Stop endangering other people.


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