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Reason 4 to re-elect the president: We don’t know which Romney we will get.

The pundits talk about the two Romney’s, the one that belched fire during the Republican primaries or the calm and reasonable guy that showed up to the debates.  The lack of definition in many areas of policy makes it difficult to discern whom we would be voting for. This covers many areas, including but not limited to tax and economic policy, foreign policy, specifically the Arab Spring Israel and Iran. When President Obama says he means what he says, he does at least most of the time mean it. There are only a few days before the election and I’m going to try and be positive, make my case going forward. But for now the negativity continues.

We’ve been over tax policy. Romney has consistently advocated a 20% across the board rate cut. Besides giving tax breaks to people like himself and Barack Obama, the plan lacks definition and details. He had to advocate a large tax cut to get through the Republican primaries. Many Republicans believe he will abandon the tax plan due tot he severity of our nations fiscal and financial problems. I ask one question. Wouldn’t it be better to know what he really believes BEFORE we vote for him? I’m just saying.

During the primary campaign he made strong speeches against the presidents Israel policy. I hold dual citizenship and live on the West Bank, so I’m qualified to comment. The fact is the president had some legitimate differences with Israel. Israel agreed to a freeze in settlement construction in 2009 in order to comply with an Obama wish. Israel and Jew’s in general resented it and it cost Obama support. The Israelis were disingenuous in how they implemented the freeze. They allowed any house under construction the day of the freeze to continue. So what happened the three weeks before the freeze? Thousands of foundations were laid all over the West Bank. During the freeze construction was up. Was Obama legitimately annoyed. Yes. When Israel agrees to do something, they should do without regrets. They could have said no to President Obama and suffered less grief.

Romney points out correctly there was daylight between the policies of Israel and the Obama administration. However republican presidents have a long history of being nice to Israel during the campaign and not delivering.  Republican candidates Dole, Bush, Bush and McCain have made lofty promises to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Those that won have failed to deliver. Will Romney be different? I hope I don’t find out, but I don’t think so.

The Romney campaign of the primaries was an example of jujitsu. They criticized and then supported the Libyan intervention. They advocated a more aggressive approach to the Arab Spring. When pressed for details, they did not come out. At the debates there was no daylight between the president and Romney on any foreign policy issue. Not Israel, not Iran, not anything except an esoteric debate on the size of the navy.

Which Romney would show up on January 20, 2013? Do you want to find out.


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