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Reasons to vote for Barack Obama: Reason 1: Health care.

While the nation is undergoing a national emergency, I turn back to politics, hopefully once a day between now and the election. Why? Because I planned to and there is nothing I can do about hurricane Sandy and the nuclear fuel rods that may get swamped with flood water during the next few hours. There is nothing I can do about the massive power outage in Lower Manhattan so I turn my fingers and keyboard to something productive. The reasons why Barack Obama should be given a second term.

The first reason why Barack Obama should be elected is Obamacare. I was in a hotel on the way to Israel in 2010 when the bill passed. I had missed a flight and was in a hotel bar trying to get a cold coke. Mostly the workers, of Latin American descent were cleaning up. The political spectacle of the bill passing was on every television screen. There was a palpable sense of relief and entitlement on the faces of the workers as they whispered quietly.

Finally the United States of America was on the road that almost all civilized nations had been on for decades. Affordable healthcare available at a fair price to all Americans. The ability to keep your children on your policy until age 26. A law that prevents pre-existing conditions from being used to deny health coverage.

I am a dual citizen. My adopted home in Israel. There has been universal health care coverage there since 1950. The care is not quite as good as the United States, but people there don’t go bankrupt due to illness.

Romney wants to take this hard won benefit away. The only way to be sure and stop him is to vote for the guy that can veto a budget that does not include adequate funding for the initiative. Though not perfect, the Romney repeal and replace plank is simply not true. It means put the insurance companies back in charge and let them do what they want to us for profit.


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