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Skin in the game: Advice for the US Administration

My family lives in the Etzion region of Israel. I get up at 4:20 am in Seattle to go running and I often listen to Radio Israel on my smart phone. This morning during my runĀ I heard the phrase that indicates a rocket attack is in progress.

My hometown which my wife does not want published, and my region were both were both mentioned in the alert which translates as Code Red.

I turned off the radio app and called home. For nearly 15 minutes I was unable to get through.

Finally I got through to my daughter who described for me how the sirens went off and she heard a very loud explosion, powerful enough to shake the homes in my community

She went to the shelter at her friends house. My son also went to the nearby shelter for he too was at a friends house. They described after the all clear was sounded how parents went into the streets, looking for their children.

At the grocery store, my wife and the other customers, Arab and Jewish were ushered into the synagogue, until the all clear was sounded. Two missiles, fired from Gaza, aimed at civilians landed within a kilometer of my home.

Suffice it to say, I have skin in this game.

that Secretary Clinton landed in Israel today to try and prevent an escalation of the conflict.

Is that the best policy? Perhaps the time has come to liberate the 1.7 million prisoners of the Islamist government in Gaza, which came to power by a coup.

This region has become a terrorist base for Iran.

Secretary of State Clinton is in Israel to advise restraint and broker a cease fire.

Tell me if Connecticut and New York were separate countries and 2000 missiles were fired from Greenwich Connecticut into Manhattan what would we say if someone counseled restraint?

Would we give peace a chance or flatten Greenwich? I think it is time for the US administration to back Israeli military action and plan for the post Hamas/Iranian proxy state in Gaza

Iran lied yesterday, denying they supplied missiles to Hamas in Gaza. That shows they fear use of force against them. There is a lesson to be learned there.


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