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Gingrich takes SC. We predicted it. What next.

With the benefit of polling data found by a google search, this publication sniffed out and correctly predicted the Gingrich rise.

But what does it really mean? Probably another avalanche of negative ads by the best funded candidate, Mitt Romney. However his blizzard of late ads could not stop Gingrich who took a pitch and hit it over the fence last Thursday night and won the debate. The longer Romney fumbles with not releasing his tax return, the longer he’s going to be in trouble. What is he hiding anyway? He’s uber rich. So what. I admire that. I’m actually planning on being uber rich again myself.

Gingrich was magnanimous in his victory speech and hopes to roll his South Carolina momentum into a Florida win. Gingrich could still self destruct but hes not stupid. He learned from his mistakes, not replying to negative ads, complaining instead of engaging. He is a good candidate.

Yes, his leadership of the House was at times chaotic. However the only balanced budgets to pass the chamber during my lifetime were passed under his leadership. It should be noted that the economy was strong at the time and Gingrich benefited from both the Papa Bush and Clinton tax increases. Still the budget WAS balanced. President Johnson did it by accident and that budget was passed with a deficit, the surplus developed due to a very strong economy.

The Gingrich claim to be a better debater and capable of taking on Obama in the fall seems to have been proven correct. The candidate needs to show continued discipline and take advantage of his poll numbers as he did in December to raise a boat load of cash.

I look forward to the rest of the campaign. I think Gingrich makes it interesting and though my current plans are to vote for Obama he’s the only one left standing that might convince me otherwise.

I judge him “more qualified” than Romney, that I will say now.

I totally agreed with what Gingrich said in the CNN debate.


See his victory speech.



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