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Obamacare:The decision that should not have been made. Supreme Court violates Federal Law.

The supreme court proved it is a political court again with today’s decision.  No majority was reached on the commerce clause issue. Therefore no decision should have been made. The court debated this. In the instance of a tax, you can not go to court about the tax until you pay it. This is Federal […]

The supreme court needs a citizen judge.

In 1921, President Warren Harding appointed former President William Howard Taft Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He served until shortly before his death in 1930. Though a lawyer, Taft was by trade a politician. He had not practiced law for some 16 years prior to his appointment to the court. Click here for more […]

Americans still blame Bush for the economy. For good reason.

Yahoo news published an article this morning showing Americans still blame Bush for the economic situation. This is hope for the Obama re-election. It shows the American voters are more sophisticated than Romney or the Republican’s give them credit for. Click here for the article. The American people happen to be right on this one. […]

Why Wisconsin matters and why it doesn’t

As a recent resident of Wisconsin, there are a number of factors that will influence this recall election that skew the results in Walker’s failure. Therefore it may be a less important election than is apparent, in part due to other things that Walker has gotten done. A little reported fact is that Walker and […]

Does Romney have a memory problem?

About his interview attacking Obama’s association with radical reverend Wright. “I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said, whatever it was,” Romney said. About his gay baiting bullying of a fellow classmate 40 years ago. “I don’t remember the event but I apologize.” Politicians often fail to remember […]

The bad guys win one. For now.

Representative Gabrielle Giffords, victim of a heinous shooting announced she was resigning today. While clearly the decision gives her Arizona district full time representation and is clearly meant to further her recovery, the world is a darker place, none the less. I bear no ill will toward her decision. It just saddens me that the […]

Gingrich takes SC. We predicted it. What next.

With the benefit of polling data found by a google search, this publication sniffed out and correctly predicted the Gingrich rise. But what does it really mean? Probably another avalanche of negative ads by the best funded candidate, Mitt Romney. However his blizzard of late ads could not stop Gingrich who took a pitch and […]

Conversvatives must consolidate to win.

Free political advice from a moderate Obama supporter. Why, because I own a web server and know how publish a wordpress blog. If conservatives want a republican candidate they know its not Mitt Romney. Voters can change their mind, politicians are suspect. Romney has changed his mind on abortion rights and a host of other […]

The Gingrich factor: The man needs discipline

South Carolina picks presidents. I find it annoying seeing traditional news sources talking about the inevitability of a Romney nomination. “Mitt is it” news.yahoo.com comes to mind. Gingrich is within the margin of error in most polls and can win. But the clear question is should he win. Does he have what it takes to […]

Elect the responsible adult New Hampshire: Jon Huntsman

Mitt Romney enjoys firing people. The statement was taken out of context but it does point out why we call people in his profession before politics Vulture Capitalists. Mitt Romney’s company destroyed companies and put people out of work. He is particularly unqualified to guide our economy to health and job creation. John Huntsman won […]