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Why Condi is the right VP choice for Romney

The voters know by wide margin who is at fault for the current recession. Try as he might Romney will be hard pressed to change this perception. He has to run on the economy, I don’t think that will work, but he can strengthen himself in other areas. One is foreign policy heft. Rice brings that. Her position on abortion? Feh. Romney is the nominee, what are the Tea Party people going to do vote for Obama?

Obama’s primary campaign theme is as follows: “The economy is on the mend, Detroit is making cars, and Osama bin Laden is dead. Obama’s stewardship of American foreign policy has been solid. He has done a fairly good job, the country perceives itself to be safer, and he has 3.5 years of foreign policy experience.

Oh and remember, he ordered bin Laden’s death, cleaning up one of George and Condi’s messes.

Mitt Romney has zero foreign policy experience. This is an issue that Obama will use to hammer him. The world is a dangerous place and we should continue to back experienced leadership. Who do you trust for that 3 am phone call? Think the Obama team won’t do that? You bet they will and without any remorse. These political campaigns make up their own facts and truly have no shame.

Yes, Condi believes in abortion rights. That is a political problem. But she solves the foreign policy problem. She has learned from Bush Administration mistakes, which I believe most people hold Cheney responsible for not her. But she knows how to keep America safe. The fact that she doesn’t want the job is no big deal. She can be cornered and “convinced” into taking and doing the job.

Palin hurt McCain. He was a senior citizen and people were scared to death about her as a president. No problems with Condi there. People knows she has the gravitas to do the job and make the right choices in the situation room at 3 am. I think that should matter the most. It says a lot about Romney if he picks her. Good things.



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